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Discover Sector-Focused Opportunities

The Sector Rotation (NAVFX) Fund is a no-load mutual fund backed by a straightforward investment approach that combines market and political insight to move between economic sectors — designed to help guide and grow your wealth.

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5-Star Performance Potential*

We balance the economic advantage that certain sectors can have by rotating them towards areas that have the potential to outperform. The Fund is rated 5-Stars in Morningstar’s Tactical Allocation category.*

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Economic-Backed Research

Blending macroeconomic forecast and proprietary math to uncover growth sectors. We combine political trends and forecasts with economic and investment insight to actively determine sector allocations.

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Designed for the everyday investor. The fund is no-load, with no sales charge and low minimums.

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Powerful Track Record

The Fund has been managed by the same investment team at GPS since 2009, delivering results relative to other tactical asset allocation funds.

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Learn About Sector Rotation

Using market and political insight, the Fund is designed to invest only in the most attractive sectors

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No-Load. Tax Managed.

Contact GPS to find out how you can discover the benefits of investing with NAVFX

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Morningstar Rated*

Get details on recent performance, peer rankings, ratings, holdings and portfolio positioning of NAVFX

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Where Washington Meets Wall St.

The Sector Rotation Fund is managed by Grimaldi Portfolio Solutions (GPS) and rotates between sectors based on market, economic and political factors.

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Manager TenureSince 2009
Morningstar Rating*5 Stars

Morningstar Ratings are among 238 tactical allocation funds based on risk-adjusted returns as of  09/30/19.*

The Money Compass

The economic game is rigged to keep you poor and keep Wall Street rich. So, it’s time to write your own rules. Whether you’re white collar, blue collar, or somewhere in between, The Money Compass gives you the common-sense guidance.

The Money Compass looks at the primary causes and consequences of the recession, the housing crash, the slow collapse of government programs, long-term unemployment and how it all impacts you and your investments. Plus, Grimaldi and Stevenson forecast the next big economic shock and show you how to profit.

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Find out about how GPS can help you navigate today’s market environment.

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